SIN CITY 2 gets an Oscar Winning Screenwriter

Robert Rodriguez is in the process of developing the long awaited sequel to Sin City. I honestly never thought Sin City 2 would make it to the big screen, a lot of time has passed, but the movie is coming. Rodriguez and Frank Miller recently hired Oscar winner screenwriter William Monahan to work on polishing up the screenplay for the movie. Monahan won his Oscar for the work he did on the adaptation of 2006's The Departed. This guy's a talented screenwriter who also worked on the script for Joe Kosinski's Tom Cruise sci-fi film Oblivion. He's also attached to work with Martin Scorsese again on the recently announced movie The Gambler

Rodriguez recently announced that financing on the sequel has been secured and that the film could go into full blown production later this year. Over the years we've heard sever different rumors of storylines and casting but at this point there's really no solid information on the characters we will see. Riodriguez did say that the actors who played the surviving characters from the first film are expected to return, so there's a possibility Mickey Rourke and Jessica Alba could come back, which suggests the A Dame to Kill For storyline. 

What are your thoughts on Monahan working on the script for this film, or any other thoughts you might have on Sin City 2?