First Look at Bobcat Goldthwait's Dark Comedy GOD BLASS AMERICA

It was recently announced that Bobcat Goldthwait's new dark comedy God Bless America will be a part of the Toronto International Film Festival's Midnight Madness selection. I don't know how many of you saw Bobcat's last film, World Greatest Dad, but it was pretty damn twisted and disturbing. It was labeled as a dark comedy, but the comedy was so uncomfortable at times that I don't think it was really comedy. That being said... I really liked the movie. If you haven't seen it yet, I say give a try. 

This movie will most likely go down that same uncomfortable road, which is why I'm looking forward to it. These films from Bobcat really push the envelope. God Bless America stars Joel Murray and Tara Lynne Barr, and follows a middle-aged man and a young girl who go on a go on a 21st century Bonnie and Clyde type of killing spree that is inspired by the hatred for crappy ass reality TV shows like what they show on MTV and VH1. You know? The kind that make you want to puke. 

In a previous interview Bobcat described the film as follows,

There’s a middle aged guy and he’s at home watching a show like My Super Sweet 16, you know that show?…there’s always a horrible kid who gets everything she wants…”I wanted an Escalade! You ruined everything!” So he’s sitting at home watching a show like that, and he drives 400 miles and kills that girl — spoiler alert! — and then her friend, well not a friend, a classmate, is going “did you kill Chloe?” and he doesn’t say anything, and she goes “awesome.” So then they get in this stolen Camero and drive around and kill people. We’re hoping for a Christmas release.

Then there's this short synopsis from the TIFF website:

It’s a Bonnie and Clyde for the 21st Century as a 45 year old man and a teenage girl go on a killing spree in comedian Bobcat Goldthwait’s angry and bloody black comedy.

There's no doubt that this is going to be a crazy irreverent film that will shock people. What do you think?

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