LEGO Figurines to Launch Into Space!

"From left to right: Gandalf, Nancy Drew, and that bald, cone-headed jedi from Star Wars."

As the nation closes the curtains on a very anti-climactic space age (we didn't even put a man on Mars...) NASA is wheeling and dealing with big business corporations, trying to raise interest in it's projects and pan-handling it's way through another billion dollar project by letting LEGO accompany the Juno probe on the Atlas V rocket set to launch this Friday.

The aluminum, and not Lego plastic (shady) figurines are of Roman God Jupiter, his sister Juno, and Italian astronomer and part time renegade Galileo.

The figurines purpose (besides advertising) will be to educate children on the space programs and lots of other neat stuff that I'm sure the childrens will appreciate...and at 5k a figurine, Lego is dropping quite a pretty penny to educate your loved one...

"Actually it's almost half of what they spent on this"

If you wish to follow the project more go to or just hook a figurine up to a bottle rocket and watch what happens.

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