Guillermo del Toro gives Notes on a Fans Short Film

Director Guillermo del Toro has said time and time again that if you send him your stuff such as a short film, he will watch it, and that he will respond. He's set up an e-mail account where people can submit their stuff. It's one thing to just say you'll do something, it's another to actually do it. It's awesome to see him take action and actually follow through with what he say's. That takes the director to a whole new level of greatness. Especially with how busy he is. 

One particular Reddit user sent his short film in, and Del Toro sent him a response within 24 hours with notes on how to make it better. Here's what the director said...

RE: When Parallel Lines Meet 

Veyr [sic] sweet little story. The short is very nimble and simple. The editing is, objectively, a little too loose- so the pacing is a bit off. 

Now, subjectively, The title is both too obvious and yet perhaps the only one possible... 

If you want, you could try pushing the “look” a little more and try to make your camera work a little less loose and more structured – IF that is a route you wanna try. 

But, all in all a well-rounded short. 


That's pretty freakin' awesome. 

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