Real Life Snakes on A Plane Reenactment Foiled by Authorities

RantVideosby Mick Joest

"The shirt kind of makes me wish they made a Good Burger 2."


A man was  thwarted in his attempt to what authorities believe, bring to life one of the cheesier horror movies of the times. A man on a flight from Miami to Brazil was stopped after walking through airport security where they then removed  nylon bags containing 7 snakes, and then three tortoises from the man's pants. 3 tortoises from the mans pants. One more time, they removed three tortoises from the mans pants!

What kind of pants was this guy wearing?! I guarantee I could fit maybe a half of a tortoise in my pockets, so I dunno where this guy is getting his pants from but they're spacious! Anyway there's some clips from the movie below...and I threw in the line from "A Time To Kill" just because it's arguably the best moment of Samuel L. Jacksons acting career. In case you are planning to do your own snake on a plane reenactment....shoot me an email at! For real though I need emails so get on it.

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