Paul Dano to play Karl Rove in Richard Linklater's YOUNG REPUBLICANS

Paul Dano will play a young Karl Rove in Richard Linklater's Young Republicans. At one time Shia LaBeouf was thought to be playing this role. but according to The Wrap (via Cinemablend) Dano is set to star in the film that begins shooting in November. The story is "about Rove's campaign to be the president of the College Republicans in 1973, a campaign that was managed by an equally young Lee Atwater. Both men went on to be key players in the modern Republican party, Atwater masterminding a number of dirty tricks to help elect George H.W. Bush, and Rove doing much of the same for George W. Bush 15 years later." 

I would have been interested in seeing LaBeouf in this role, but thinkt hat Dano will be amazing. I loved him in There Will Be Blood and Little Miss Sunshine. He is very talented actor that can lose himself in the role. Linklater now has to find an actor to play Lee Atwater in the film that is reportedly more of a buddy road trip movie than a political drama. During the campaign in 1972, Rove and Atwater spent five months driving all over the country. 

I can not think of anyone that would be a good fit for the role, but this does sounds like a promising project. What are yourt thoughts? Who would you like to see  cast?

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