Joss Whedon on THE AVENGERS - "It's not just big... it's BIG!"

We're all hoping that The Avengers is turns out to be a big epic action adventure film of superhero greatness. Joss Whedon is the man bringing this vision to life and from the moment he was announced as the director I had complete faith that we were going to get everything that we wanted to see in this film and more. 

Poptimal caught up with the director at the EW party at Comic-Con 2011. He took the time to excitedly talk about the status of the film, and gives a few details on what filming this movie has been like for him. Check out the video interview below and tell us what you think!

For those of you who can't watch the video, here's a little run down of what he said:

We're about 2/3 of the way through filming. For some reason, I am not dead, and for some other weird reason, I have not been replaced, but we're having a lot of fun. Is that okay for us to have fun? Everybody's working really hard, throwing themselves all over the place emotionally and physically, interacting with each other in fascinating ways. I'm trying desperately to keep the big picture in my head, make sure it coheres and is an exciting film all the way through. Every scene has something in it that I'm so proud of, and so delighted by what the actors have given me -- not to mention the crew and everybody else. It's not just big, it's big.

It's a blockbuster. There are certain things you do... you bust blocks.

I'm thinking that far ahead as much as I should. My main goal is make a movie that's good. If possible, make a movie that's super good. Don't try to make a movie that's great, because then it'll be pretentious. Just go for super good. But yes, it's not like they all die and The Avengers are shut down forever. There's definitely franchise potential, obviously, but I didn't pepper the movie with franchise notions. I've seen a lot of movies that failed because they were just being part ones. This is a complete film. We'll tease out something that might happen later, but basically, all I did was complete this story. Han is not frozen in carbonite at the end of this movie.

The movie is set to be released on May 4th 2012, and that date can't get here soon enough.

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