Mattel's GHOSTBUSTERS Trap Replica

Mattel has created one hell of an awesome Ghostbusters trap replica. I've seen a lot of home made replicas over the years, but this is great for us lazy people that don't want to take the time to make one of our own. The collectors trap was unveiled at Comic-Con 2011, and it looks like they went all out on it. The thing is loaded with all the details from the film. 

The trap has two modes, ‘prop’ and ‘movie’ mode. In the prop mode the doors open and the trap lights up when you step on the tethered pedal, including all of the blinking status and indicator lights to indicate a ghost has been caught and detained once it’s closed. In the movie mode it’s pretty much the same thing, except that the light show is far more animated, there’s additional sound effects that play as you open and close the trap’s doors, and it will even bounce around and shake afterwards simulating a ‘real’ ghost trapped inside. The cartridge that holds the ghost can even be removed for disposal, though the laser-grid protected Ecto-Containment Unit where you’d do so isn’t included.

The trap will cost $135 and will be available for purchase in October. Yes, I will be buying one. Check out the demo video of this thing below!

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