DEXTER Season 6 - Great Behind the Scenes Video and Images

Dexter season 6 is set to premiere on Showtime in less than 2 months! In preparation of the new highly anticipated season the network has released a great behind the scenes video featuring the cast as they discuss their characters and where things are going to go in the new season.

The video contains some details about what is to come, it's also shows off some footage from the new season. They're are spoilers, but it's mostly just teasing some stuff that I don't think will ruin anything for you. If you don't want to know anything about Dexter Season 6 then don't watch the behind the scenes video below. This video is awesome, and it gives us the best look and insight into the news season that we've seen so far. I can't wait for Dexter to return!


Here are a collection of new photos from the new season for you to check out:


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