Geek Art: Yoda and Kermit hanging out in the Swamp

ArtYodaby Joey Paur

Today's Geek Art is an awesome image featuring Yoda and Kermit the Frog hanging out in the swamp trying to catch some fish. The piece is called "Easy being green, it is not." It was created by Peter Deseve, and here's a note from the artist talking about how he came up with the idea...

I'll confess right here that I grew up a Star Trek fan and if you let me, could bore you with an endless stream of Trek trivia that would make you squirm with embarrassment. Hell, it would make me squirm with embarrassment, but it's my gift and my curse, I guess. That said, I did enjoy the Star Wars films. Well the first two, anyway. Especially The Empire Strikes Back, which is one of the best science fiction action adventures ever filmed. (Really though, have there been that many?) Anyway, I was invited to be a part of Star Wars, Visions, a truly wonderful collection of Star Wars images created by a wide variety of artists from many genres. No art direction was given whatsoever and the artist was left free to create whatever homage, reinterpretation or visual joke he or she felt inspired to do. 

Whenever I get an assignment, especially such a wide open one, I begin to free-associate and see what connections my frayed synapses can make. 

Below is a short ride on my train of thought: 

"hmmm ... 


he would be good to draw... and he was actually a puppet, wasn't he? 

No, he was a muppet! And he was green, too. 

I love muppets. 

I wonder what I'll have for lunch... 

Wait a minute! Wasn't Kermit the frog a muppet, too? 

Wait! Wait! He was a GREEN muppet! 

And they both lived in swamps! 

What if they knew each other? 
What if they actually hung out together??!!

Maybe I'll have a tuna sandwich..."