Robert Schwentke to helm THE POISON KITCHEN after R.I.P.D.

Robert Schwentke has found his next directing gig. The RED director is currently working on R.I.P.D. starring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges, and once that is finished he will take on The Poison Kitchen. Variety reports that the drama thriller “traces the rise of the Nazi Party” and is written by Matthew Sand (Ninja Assassin).

The Poison Kitchen “..tells the true story of the Muenchener Post, the Munich newspaper that waged a war for more than a decade against the burgeoning Nazi Party and its leader Adolf Hitler, who referred to the broadsheet as the “Munich Pest.” After ascending to power in 1933, Nazi stormtroopers raided the paper, destroyed the editorial offices and printing presses and imprisoned the editorial staff, shutting down the paper for good.”

The project is being plannned as a thriller and will be produced by Constantin Film. Here is what the head of film and television Martin Moszkowicz said about the film:

We’ve always wanted to do a movie about the ramp up to 1933: What happened in the early years, how did Hitler get to where he ended up and how did that work? That’s really about this time.

I really enjoyed RED and am interested in seeing  R.I.P.D. I have always been fascinated with history and WWII especially. What are your thoughts on this news?

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