SMURFS Sequel Coming in 2013

Movieby Joey Paur

Oh good hell! Sony Pictures has announced that they will release a sequel to Smurfs on August 2nd 2013. This is what the world is coming to people. This is what happens when people opt to go see Smurfs instead of Cowboys & Aliens, which is what happened this weekend. Smurfs has brought in about $135 million dollars world wide so far, which is enough for the studio to get a sequel moving forward. As of right now producer Jordan Kerner is the only person attached to the project, but I'm sure they can easily pump out a sequel. After all, it doesn't take much brain power to develop a movie like this. I will add that even though I hate that these kinds of movies get made, at least it is creating jobs for people in an economy that sucks ass. I just wish they got that work working on a better film project. 

Here's a funny side note.... My kids wanted to go see this movie. I told them to watch the original animated series before they made up their minds. By the end of one episode they said that they didn't want to go see the movie after all, they didn't like it at all. Thank goodness. 

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