Director Mark Webb talks about THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN

Director Mark Webb is now in post-production on The Amazing Spider-Man, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing his vision on the big screen. There still seems to be a lot of people that are turned off by this Spider-Man reboot, but from what I've seen from the film... it's all movie greatness. I love the footage that I've seen, I think the style, tone and designs are perfect. I always trusted in Webb's ability to bring this character to life in a way we've never seen it before. Here's what the director had to say about the film in a recent interview. 

Spider-Man is part of our culture, he’s a perennial character. He belongs on the big screen. Spidey is constantly re-examined and there’s way too many versions of him in the comics… That was something I thought we could do cinematically. There’s just so much fantastic material that comes from the comics, whether it’s Gwen Stacey [the hero’s new love interest, played by Emma Stone] or The Lizard [aka Dr Curt Connors – Rhys Ifans’ scaly, Jekyll-and-Hyde villain]… His relationship with Connors, who is both mentor and adversary, I think makes for a really beautiful and interesting story.

He goes on to talk about taking on this film project and working in 3D.

I was a little sceptical at first – you feel the presence of those other movies. But then I was like, ‘How could I walk away from this? What an opportunity!’ What better cinematic character is there than Spidey!

I wanted to shoot certain things very specifically for 3D. There’s an experiential component to 3D that’s really fantastic and we’re experimenting with generating that point of view so you feel how Spider-Man feels when he’s jumping over these buildings. We made a conscious effort to do those effects practically and we had an incredible stunt team. We built this whole rig – hundreds of feet long – in Harlem, and we actually swung a man through traffic down the street. I thought that was really exciting, not to mention an incredible level of acrobatics!

The film is scheduled to be released on July 3rd 2012. What are your thoughts on this movie and what Webb had to say about it?

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