Mondo Tees JURASSIC PARK Poster Art

Here's a great Jurassic Park poster art design that was part of Alamo Drafthouse's second Mondo Mystery Movie event. The poster was created for Mondo Tees by artist Aaron Horkey. It's not my favorite print in the Mondo Tee's movie poster family, but it's has a certain charm to it.

Back in 1993 Jurassic Park blew my freakin' mind! I love that movie, and it would be awesome to see Jurassic Park on the big screen again one day, I'd love to take my kids to see it! Now that the movie is getting a Blu-ray release, maybe we will see some special screening start popping up. I know there is a screening set to show in the UK, so hopefully we get something here in the states. 

Here is the trailer for the Blu-ray release and I've included the original trailer just for the hell of it.


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