Geek Art: Batman - GOTHAM 1459

Art CatwomanBatman by Joey Paur

Artist Igor Kieryluk is currently working on a person Batman inspired art project called Gotham 1459. So far he's created this medieve gothic looking Batman, and below you will find his depiction of Catwoman in this project. I thought these were pretty damn cool, and think they will make a great addition to the GeekTyrant Geek Art collection. Check out the images and tell us what you think!

I wish I could find more information on this project because it looks like it could be awesome. Just for the hell of it I looked up some historical events that took place in the year 1459.

May 12th - Sun City India founded by Rao Jodhpur
Jun 1st - Pope Pius II opens congress of Mantua
Sep 23rd - Battle of Blore Heath, the first major battle of the English Wars of the Roses, is fought at Blore Heath in Staffordshire.
Oct 12th - Battle at Ludfor: Richard of York defeated

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