GARBAGE PAIL KIDS - Original Series 1 Card Collection

ArtHumor by Joey Paur

If you grew up in the 1980's then you know all about the awesomeness of Garbage Pail Kids cards/stickers. Some people collected baseball cards, then there were kids like me who more entertained by collecting these Garbage Pail Kids cards. I have these memories buying them at a little corner candy shop by the elementary school I went to, and I had a couple of shoe-boxes packed full of them. I have no idea what happened to them, but I imagine my mom probably threw them away. 

I recently came across a website called Geepeekay which has the full collection of cards. As I was going through the collection I was reminded of how the card/stickers felt in my hands, I remember the smell of the cards, and then there was that hard pink stick of gum that that would cut you're cheek when you bit into it.

I have included the entire original collection of the first series of these radically cool and disgusting cards. I will post a new series of cards every week until all 15 of them are posted on the site.

Check out series 1 and tell us your memories on the Garbage Pail Kids!

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