Your Odds of Getting Hit by the NASA Satellite Plus Equally Likely Scenarios

Rant NASA by Mick Joest

"Maybe it's not the Rise of the Machines We Should've Worried About."

Scenario: It's a lovely day. You're enjoying the nice weather, and decided today, instead of trolling the internet for sweet nerd news, you're gonna walk in the park. You arrive in the public eye for the first time in months and quickly remember it's not as bad as you once remembered...there's a family having a picnic, an old man walking his dog, and a strange whirring noise.

Actually a really loud whirring noise, the old man's dog starts to bark and as he leans over to see what the matter is...BOOM his head is smashed open by 300 pounds of flaming hot metal meteorite! Blood and roasted flesh scatter amongst you and the surrounding family as the children scream in horror, as the dog, driven into a manic state becomes enraged and starts tearing at the father of the families throat...and you thought it was safe to leave the safety of your computer screen.

While the above scenario may not be as likely, your odds of being one of the 7,000,000 people in North America being hit by the massive chunks from a recently fallen satellite from NASA are 1 in 3,200.

Some of you may like those odds, although personally I don't enjoy the thought of having my brain ripped from my skull courtesy of a flaming fastball from space ala NASA. To put a better handle on your odds of getting hit by a flaming chunk of space junk here's some other odds that are equally likely to happen.

1 in 3,249: Odds when you meet someone their last name will be Norris.

1 in 3,164: Odds an NFL quarterback will throw 6 touchdowns in a game.

1 in 3,333: Odds a male will die of breast cancer.

1 in 3,250: Your odds of getting murdered in Washington D.C.

1 in 3,333: A high school basketball players odd's of getting drafted into the NBA.

If you're feeling a little uneasy...for what it's worth the death looks painless! Check the re-enactment video below...and as always, we work for comments. Twtter: @MickJoest

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