HIGHLANDER Reboot to be Directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo


28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is currently in talks with Summit Entertainment to take on the development of the 1992 reboot of Highlander. Fast Five director Justin Lin was previously attached to the project but dropped out because of all the other films he's attached to direct now like the sixth Fast and the Furious film. 

28 Weeks later is the only film I've seen from Fresnadillo and it was a pretty decent sequel to Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later. He also directed a film called Intacto, and the Clive Owen psychological drama Intruders, which recently premiered up at the Toronto Film Festival. The director is also attached to direct The Crow reboot as well. 

I'm really not sure how good of a choice he is to take on the Highlander reboot. When it comes to remakes like this there's already a built in negativity among fans, so the remake will either end up exceeding their expectations and surprising them, or it's going to end up being crap regardless of who directs it. The original film starred Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery.

What are your thoughts on Fresnadillo possibly taking on the Highlander reboot? 

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