Superheroes in WWII

"Fighting for what's right...we hope at least."

Do you remember when you were watching The Dark Knight with your grandpa and he told you about how him and "the real Batman" stormed Normandy and launched a batarang right into some unlucky Nazi officers skull?

Well you're grandpa's doing much better now that his meds are balanced and he has that swanky new pad in the assisted living neighborhood, but there was some truth to his dementionic fit. Super heroes, when they weren't saving the world from invaders, or gun toting hooligans, aided the WWII effort in many ways.

Whether it was storming the front, advertising war bonds, or just posing for a photo op, your beloved caped wonders were on the scene (in spirit, and not the way grandpa remembers). This post is a homage to their efforts and highlights of some of the best WWII footage we have of our heroes to date, enjoy.


1. Worth a thousand words.

Everyone remembers the amazing photos of the war captured in history...but few of you remember them the way Agan Harahap does. Using some photoshopping and some old war photos these gems, although not "canon" to the DC or Marvel universe, are still worth mentioning...


2. Superman Thwarts Japanese Spies

99.9% of you weren't alive to read the headlines of when Japanese spies invaded Metropolis to hijack a new superbomber being created for the war effort...luckily through the efforts of a thin and ditzy Lois Lane and Superman, the "Japoteurs" (cringe) were stopped. You can watch the entire 8 minute cartoon below.

3.Gun toting Batman and more Hitler punching than you can shake a stick at.

What a better way to close out this post than feature Batman with a weapon not typically seen in his arsenal, and everyone's most hated fuhrer getting "socked" in the face more than a couple of times.


Feel free to post any additional war footage you may have of our supernatural veterans in the comments.

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