Video Game in a Box

HumorVideosby Joey Paur

Check out this video of a pretty cool little contraption which is a video game in a box. The video shows off some people playing the game and shows you a little bit of how it works and was put together. The game was created by Teague Labs, and here's a little note from them,

Using a Teagueduino and a few inputs and outputs, we put together a physical side-scrolling video game. To control it, there's a knob on the side. As time advances the game gets faster and faster -- can you avoid all the obstacles and make it to the end? 

Watch the second half of the video for an overview of how everything is hooked up.

The complete source code is available on

And if you're curious about Teagueduino and want to buy one, support the project on Kickstarter:

As awesome as this is, I still prefer the real thing. A video game in a box just isn't going to do it for me, but it would make for a great novelty item. Who knows, maybe if I got my hands on this I would get hooked.  Also I think it's funny that Mario has to be played backwards. Check out the video and tell us what you think!

Video Game in a Box from Teague Labs on Vimeo.

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