Chloe Moretz talks DARK SHADOWS and KICK-ASS 2

Chloe Moretz has been growing up in front of our eyes on screen with roles in (500) Days of Summer, Kick-Ass and Let Me In. Her recent film Hick is creating a stir of controversy at the Toronto International Film Festival. recently spoke to Moretz and she talked a bit about her upcoming projects: Tim Burton's Dark Shadows and the rumored Kick-Ass 2. 

You can read the full interview at the reference link below. Here is an excerept of the regarding Dark Shadows and Kick-Ass 2: With Dark Shadows, what is your take on Carolyn Stoddard?

CM: Oh, Carolyn, that’s a fun character. That’s a really fun character. She is crazy. She is this teenager, like 15-year-old hippie who is into The Carpenters and Alice Cooper. She’s super music-y and raw, like free love, you know. She’s fun. I can’t say much because he has a really dark secret I can’t tell you. Something that people obsessed with the old soap opera would know or a new secret?

CM: No, it’s new. It’s new to everything so go see it. May of next year, Dark Shadows! Is it totally serious or with a wink?

CM: Oh no, no. It’s Tim Burton so it’s like Beetlejuice. I have to say it’s a mixture of Beetlejuice, a teeny bit of Sweeney and the scariness of Sweeney but the fun of Sleepy Hollow with the scariness ofSleepy Hollow. I’d definitely say it’s a lot like Sleepy Hollow because you go from the Ichabod Crane character to the Headless Horseman who’s comedic and yet terrifying. It straddles that fine line of camp and drama so it’s like a drama horromedy thriller. Did you have hours and hours of old soap opera research?

CM: I did a lot of musical research, so I listened to a lot of music from the era. My character is so different from the soap opera. But there are hundreds of hours you could have watched if you’d chosen to.

CM: Hundreds. I think they went on for 20 seasons or something. It’s crazy. Then you’ve got Back Roads, The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, and Dance of the Mirlitons.

CM: Back Roads, really? Cool. Well, even if it’s just the other two, what kind of characters do you get to play?

CM: It’s a lot of different characters. Again, it’s a very eclectic kind of group of things that I’ve signed onto. They’re all really fun characters. Some are darker, some are lighter. It’s like my career already. It’s eclectic so each one’s different and each one’s a different person. They’re all different from myself. Are they going to be able to do Kick-Ass 2 in time for you to be Hit Girl again?

CM: Actually, yeah, but I think I’m going to be a little bit older. I’d like to do it in the next year or two because I think that’s a really good time age-wise. You can show Hit Girl in a different light which would be a lot of fun. Would you like to revisit her at different ages?

CM: I think it would be fun to show her, because you know her as this 11-year-old assassin, so I think it would be fun to show her as this twisted young adult, this 16-17-year-old Catwoman-y almost, twisted and dark person. She could have a driver’s license then.

CM: Ex-ACTLY! Hit Girl could be riding Ducatis all over New York City. Duh.

Earlier we gave you your first look at Johnny Depp from the set of Dark Shadows. There has been lots of talk about a Kick-Ass sequel, and I for one would love to see one. I loved the first film and think Hit Girl and am interested to see an older and wiser Hit Girl. What are your thoughts on this news?

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