Ethan Hawke to Star in new Cop Drama on NBC called BLUE TILT

NBC has picked up a new cop drama series called Blue Tilt. Actors Ethan Hawke and Vincent D’Onofrio (Law & Order) are set to star in the new drama, and they've teamed up with writer/producer Chris Brancato to develop the series. The three talent will also be executive producers on the show. 

According to Deadline Hawke and D'Onofrio will play "two seasoned homicide detectives — one married and one divorced — as they solve cases while dealing with their wives/ex-wives and kids. The title Blue Tilt refers to a cop term for homicide detectives who, as a result of dealing with particularly brutal crimes, become a danger to themselves and are put under psychiatric observation."

It doesn't really sound like anything different from what we've already seen in a cop drama. Ever cop drama I think I've seen has all of those elements in it, but maybe there's something that will set it apart. Maybe it will just have solid storytelling. I think Hawke is a great actor, that both he and D'Onofrio have proven they can take on the roles of a hardass cops. 

The pilot of the series should start shooting by the end of the year in New York. It seems like TV is so oversaturated with cop dramas these days, but let's see how it turns out, maybe it will stand out above the crowd. What do you think?

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