How ENTOURAGE Should Have Ended

I don't know about the rest of you, but I was extremely disappointed with the series finale of Entourage. I thought it was a bunch of crap. Talk about a rush ending where nothing makes any sense, and there's absolutely not one bit of believability to it. I've enjoyed watching this show over the years, I've been a fan. I've stuck with it, stood by the redundant storylines because I loved the characters, but that ending was just ridiculous, mostly because of how rushed it was to get everyone to their happy ending. Vincent getting married so fast... why would anyone believe that, especially with the kind of girl he was marrying. She just didn't seem like the type of girl to do something like that. And with how everyone got back together so easily after being bitterly pissed off at each other? I just didn't buy into it. 

Enough of my ranting, here's a video created by YouTube user  showing us how the series finale should have ended. Enjoy!

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