Jurassic Park/Star Wars/Night At The Museum Geek Wedding Extravaganza!

"But it's the renewal of vows that will get more critical acclaim."

Days of matrimony don't get more nerdy than this. Complete with a Millennium Falcon cake, Vader cufflinks, Boba Fett, a Night at The Museum theme, the theme from Jurassic Park replacing the wedding march, and quotes such as "Achievement unlocked, you may now kiss the bride."; This wedding was "one ring to rule them all" short of being a complete geek gathering.

That being said it's still pretty damn cool, and while they'll probably still be paying off the expenses of the day after their children have graduated in college, hopefully they'll forever look back on this as the happiest day of their lives, because if they got divorced you know everyone would talk about it...

Check out the pics below of some of the highlights.

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