Trailer for THE SON OF NO ONE starring Al Pacino and Channing Tatum

Here is trailer for The Son of No One, which was directed by Dito Montiel. The cast includes Al Pacino, Channing Tatum, Katie HolmesTracy Morgan, Juliette Binoche and Ray Liotta. I know a lot of people do not like Tatum for his past perfromances, but I think this movie will be part of the changing tide for that sentiment.

The story follows a cop named Jonathan who is just assigned to a precinct in Queens New York, which is where he grew up, and the same precinct his father served in. Jonathan has a wife and daughter who has constant seizures. He is doing everything he can to provide for his family, give them a good life, and make himself a better man. But he has a dark past, and it is slowly being brought into the light through anonymous tips and letters to the press that could hurt him, his family, and the police. Due to circumstances beyond his control Jonathan killed two men when he was just a kid, and it was covered up. His past has now caught up to him and he’s forced to deal with it.

Read our review of the film HERE and check out the trailer below:

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