Ashley Bell to Reprise her role in LAST EXORCISM Sequel

Movieby Joey Paur

Ashley Bell confirmed in a recent interview that she's officially signed on to star in the sequel for The Last Exorcism, reprising her role of Nell Sweetzer. Here's what she told Bloody-Disgusting.

"I just signed on for the sequel of Last Exorcism. It's 'The Last Exorcism For Realsies You Guys,'" she joked. "That's the full title."

"Whenever you get that phone call, that opportunity, it's incredible. I loved working with Strike Entertainment and Eli the first time around. To be able to work with them again, that’s what I'm most excited about. They’re an incredible company."

"I'm so excited. I have not seen or heard anything so I don’t know what is going to go down."

I thought The Last Exorcism was a decent horror film, I never thought it warranted a sequel, but since it's getting made, I might as well just watch it. When Bell was asked if she was planning any new contortions, she said, "I am sworn to secrecy. My life's now worth more sharing more details."

What do you think about a sequel being made to The Last Exorcism?

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