Snoop Dogg set to Star in a Family Sitcom

TVby Joey Paur

Yeah, you read that title right, Snoop Dogg is going to star in a new TV family sitcom. This just seems weird to me, but it's happening. The project is set up over at Warner Bros. TV, but it has yet to be shopped around to any networks. There is really no information on the series other than that Don Reo is developing it, and that it will be a multi-camera family comedy. 

Snoop Dogg previously did that E! series Snoop Dogg's FAther Hood, which I never watched, but it chronicled his family life with his wife and his three kids. Dogg was also recently cast in the title role of the biopic The Legend of Fillmore Slim. Obviously the Rapper is putting a lot of effort and focus into his acting career. 

It'll be interesting to see how this all turns out. What are your thought's on Dogg starring in a family sitcom?

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