Watch Milla Jovovich Fight Train for RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION

Milla Jovovich loves the twitter, and she does everything she can to connect with her fans which is pretty awesome. She is currently in the process of prepping up for the next chapter in the Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil: Retribution 3D. The actress posted a few behind the scene videos showing off the fight training she is going through to get ready to jump back in the shoes of Alice to kick zombie monster ass.

Paul W.S. Anderson is once again directing the film and they'll be shooting in Russia, Japan and Toronto.  Sony Screen Gems is looking to get the movie released on September 14th 2012. Check out the video below and hit us up with your thoughts!

So I'm learning a back hook kick 2day. Its part of the choreography n looks amazing(when its done right! Lol!)

Like mother, like daughter! Ever Gabo shows us that zombie killing really is a family affair! Watch this vid!

New vid! I need 2 turn my hip out more on the roundhouse kicks, but my punches r solid! Will get better!

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