Batman to face super-sniper Deadshot in BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY

Batman is going to face one of his toughest battles in Batman: Arkham City. According to Gamerant, that battle may have just gotten a lot more difficult with this latest villain reveal. Batman will have to use his brains, brawn and gadgets to take on the super-sniper, Deadshot. 


Here is a description of Deadshot's involvement in the story from Rocksteady's Sefton Hill:

Deadshot has disguised himself as an Arkham inmate to gain access to the island-turned prison. Fans of the super-assassin will be upset to hear that Deadshot’s mask and colorful bodysuit have been left out in favor of a torn Arkham inmate get-up, but the villain’s eye-piece and wrist-mounted firearms are still present. Exactly why the world’s best gun for hire would dress up as a criminal to break into a prison is going to be integral to the plot, but the existing story hints give us some idea of his motives.

Watch a video of the conversation from GameTrailers TV.

According to Gamerant:

While Arkham warden Hugo Strange may be the mastermind and chief enemy of Batman this time, it’s safe to assume that other enemies will be taking this opportunity to exact revenge upon Batman, whether it be Penguin’s alliance with Solomon Grundy, the Riddler’s attacks on citizens, or the mysterious connection between Dr. Strange and Joker. Deadshot could be pursuing a personal grudge with Batman, or have been hired by Strange, Joker, or even the still-unannounced Ra’s al ghul.

Batman: Arkham City arrives for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on October 18, 2011. What do you think about Deadshot's addition? How will Batman be able to take him on? What are your thoughts on this news?

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