THE SIMPSONS Could get their Own Channel!

TV The Simpsons by Joey Paur

The Simpsons is entering it's 23rd freakin season! This is the longest running sitcom ever on TV and they are on target for 500 freakin' episodes! I grew up on The Simpsons, it's weird to think I've been watching these characters since I was a kid. Now Fox is considering creating a channel dedicated to only playing Simpsons episodes. 

News Corp. Chief Operating Officer Chase Carey thinks that this could end up being a reality. Earlier this week he said the animated series showed no signs  “no signs of slowing down.” 

Carey said there have been a “number of meetings” to determine how to capitalize on its library of episodes of The Simpsons and he mentioned a digital channel featuring nothing but Homer and the gang as being a possibility. Carey said it is incumbent on the company to take advantage of a show that is “unique in television with a volume too that is unprecedented.”

This all Simpsons all the time channel is still in the early discussion phase, and it could take a few more years until we see it launch. In fact it looks like we will have to wait until the show actually stops production and ends. The reports points out that "the show is still in production and will have to meet the syndication deals established by its current order." When the show stops production "second cycle sales of repeat episodes can be sold and that’s when such a channel could become a possibility."

I think a Simpsons channel would be awesome! And there's more than enough episodes to to have a channel dedicated to the animated family sitcom. This is a show where I can easily watch episodes over and over again and still be entertained. I love The Simpsons and I hope this happens. What do you all think?

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