Joseph Gordon-Levitt Won't Deny he's playing Robin in DARK KNIGHT RISES

As you know there have been been rumors about who Joseph Gordon-Levitt is "really" playing in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. It was officially announced that he is playing a beat cop named John Blake, and that he would be helping Commissioner Gordon help out Batman. The big rumor is that he's actually playing the character Robin in the film, but who knows if it's true or not.... Gordon-Levitt knows of course! He recently sat done with MTV to talk about his upcoming film 50/50, and when he was asked to deny he was playing Robin, all he could say was, " I can't have this conversation." He didn't deny anything. Here's how it went down,

You know, we're working on a Batman movie. Batman is a very dear character that precedes the recent Chris Nolan trilogy. I think it's cool that people care a lot about it and are very interested in what we're doing.

The interviewer then asked him to confirm that he IS NOT Robin, Gordon-Levitt did not deny it, and he didn't confirm it either, all he could say was...

You know I can't have this conversation, man.

And he laughed. Watch the video below and see how it all plays out, but at this point since he didn't deny it, maybe there is actually some truth to it. If he wans't platying Robin he could have just said so. Maybe, just maybe Joseph Gordon-Levitt is playing Robin in the movie. Tell us what you think!

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