The Not Just New Movies Podcast: Ep. 58 - Hobo With A Shotgun


In this week's episode, Tyler and I discuss Jason Eisener's 2011 film, Hobo With A Shotgun.






Character Name Game Intro -2:24

Media Consumed


"Party Down" - 3:00

Seasons 1 and 2 of "Children's Hospital" - 5:37


Netflix adds Qwikster - 11:10

Real life Weekend at Bernie's - 18:40

30th Anniversary Raiders of the Lost Ark screening, Q&A with Spielberg and Ford - 21:15


Hobo With A Shotgun - 27:20


Next Week: Hoosiers -1:02:15

Listener Voicemail/E-mail/Twitter -1:03:15

Character Name Game - 1:05:18

Up Your Specs -1:08:30

Where You Can Find Us -1:13:25

Articles Mentioned: Ben's coverage of the 30th Anniversary screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark at GeekTyrantReal Life Weekend at Bernie's articleWeekend at Bernie's NJNM episode, reviews of the Indiana Jones series can be found in the Archives section of


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