Theatrical Trailer for Lars von Trier's MELANCHOLIA with Kirsten Dunst

Zentropa Entertainment has released a new theatrical trailer for the upcoming Lars von Triefilm Melancholia. The story is described as a psychological disaster movie about another planet that is going to collide with the Earth, but at the same time it also revolves around a wedding and the lives of certain people. 

The film looks unlike anything I've ever seen before. I've heard some great things about it from people that have seen it, but it looks like one of those films you have to acquire a taste for. I'll see it because its sparked my interest, I just don't know if I'm going to like it or not.

The interestingly different sci-fi drama stars Kirsten DunstCharlotte Gainsbourg, and Kiefer Sutherland, Alexander Skarsgård, Charlotte RamplingJohn Hurt, Stellan Skarsgård and Udo Kier

The film is set to be released on November 11th 2011, watch the trailer below and tell us what you think!