BATMAN: ARKAHM CITY News Round-Up - Penguin Trailer, Joker Challenge, PC Delayed & More

Here's a round of Batman: Arkham City news I've come across today. The game will be released on PS3and Xbox on October 18th 2011. But unfortunately for you PC gamers out there the PC version of the game has been delayed until November. I'm excited to play this game through.

In Arkham City, a section of Gotham has been turned into a prison for the city's worst criminals. The titular Arkham City is surrounded by walls and armed guards but inside those walls, anarchy reigns. Batman is forced to enter this hive of supervillains in order to rescue his sometimes ally Catwoman. 

So here's what we got:

Extended trailer featuring The Penguin:

Teaser Trailer featuring the Joker's Challenge Map from Gaaestop:

Collection of new screenshots:

New Sinestro style Batman skin:

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