Go Green With The New Tron Light Cycle

Videosby Mick Joest

"Light discs still run on Halogen though unfortunately."

The Parker Brothers, when they aren't making board games, are creating the most realistic Tron lightcycles this side of the grid. Last year, they showed off their street legal model, and this year, they are back with a more environmentally friendly model.

Off a fifteen to thirty minute charge, it can get you a hundred miles and can reportedly reach speeds of 100 mph! The makers warn the cycle is meant for "lite" use, but hey, if your lightcycle shatters into a million pieces as you're racing down the highway at high speeds, I call that cinematic homage sooner than homicide.

So check out the video below, and if you aren't too big of a fan of the Son of Flynn remix presented in the video, check out the one below it by Ki: Theory off the Tron Reconfigured Soundtrack.

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