Justin Lin No Longer Directing THE TERMINATOR

Thanks Fast Six and producer Megan Ellison and Arnold Schwarzenegger wanting to move the The Terminator film into production by the end of 2012, director Justin Lin has had to drop out of the films production. I've gotta say I don't really have a problem with Lin's departure. I think there are several other directors out there that could do a better job than him anyway. Of course Lin wants to do it, but he can't direct The Terminator and the sixth Fast and the Furious film at the same time. This is the same reason why he had to drop out of the Highlander remake.

Lin, Schwarzenegger, and Ellison have been throwing around ideas on how to approach a new Terminator film and according to Deadline, "figure a way to end the James Cameron-hatched battle between humans and the cyborgs of Skynet." Interesting, so are they looking to completely close out the franchise by ending it with this next film? That would be cool, and I can't really complain if it turns out being a solid movie. As of right not Ellison still has not hired a screenwriter yet to take a crack and the script, and she has not partnered up with another studio, but they are looking to throw this film into production by the end of next year. 

One of the main reasons why they want to movie this film into production so quickly is because, "One of the caveats involved in the rights deal with Pacificor (which spent $29.5 million to win the rights in bankruptcy court) is that certain rights revert back to Cameron due to a stipulation in copyright law that if you assign your rights, you get them back in 35 years. Cameron assigned his rights to Hemdale, and the North American rights will revert back to him in 2018. Even that part of the story has gotten intriguing: While Cameron washed his hands of the Terminator franchise years ago, his close friend Schwarzenegger has dragged him into a brainstorming meeting or two, even though he is not officially involved."

What do you all think about Lin having to drop out of the production? Who would you like to see take his place, other than Cameron?

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