Guillermo del Toro's HULK more Monster focused - Details to be Revealed at NYCC

Guillermo del Toro reached out to his fans on a fan site and left an interesting comment regarding the Hulk TV series he's currently working on for Marvel an ABC. He gives us some insight on what kind of character the Hulk is going to be in the series, and it sounds like it's going to focus more on the monster aspect of the character. 

We've been coming up with an angle that is really strong. I am a fan of Peter David, Pak and Loeb but I like very much what individual writers and artists have done through the decades. I only gravitate to "monster" superheroes- (Blade, Hellboy, Deadman, Hulk-) because I have no interest on the straight ones -even when I've been offered the keys to the kingdom.

It was previously described as "a brand new take on the character" set in the early years of Bruce Banner, in a time "before everyone knew his secret," and the series will be focused on the love story between Banner and Betty Ross. 

It's hard not to get excited about this new Hulk series, I think it's going to be huge, can't wait to see the angle. I also love that the Hulk will be a mixture of practical animatronics and CGI effects, which Del Toro is a master at. What are your thoughts?

Expect to get more details for this series from New York Comic Con here are the details for the panel:

MARVEL Television Presents 
Date: Saturday, October 15 - 3:45 pm - 4:45 pm 
Location: MTV Theater, 1A10 
Speaker: Jeph Loeb 

Description: Big things are happening at Marvel TV! Get the latest on live action-series in development from Head of Marvel Television Jeph Loeb. Plus, see a new sneak peek of Ultimate Spider-Man, and find out what’s next for your other favorite animated heroes.

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