Marvel's THOR 2 may end up being Directed by Patty Jenkins

Marvel is very close to locking down a director for Thor 2, and according to Deadline they may end up going with the very surprising choice of Patty Jenkins. Who's she you ask? Well, she's best known for directing Charlize Theron in the film Monster, she also directed the pilot episode for the TV series The Killing. Apparently Marvel is very serious about this. Now, just because female directors aren't really in high demand for superhero films doesn't mean she won't do a good job. 

My biggest fear is her lack of experience, I didn't really care for Monster and she has only directed a few episodes of other TV shows such as Entourage and Arrested Development. But nothing to the epic scale of what Thor is. If the studio hires her I hope she can pull it off, but with what's on her resume I'm a little worried. It was previously reported that Game of Thrones director Brian Kirk might end up directing Thor 2, and it would have been nice if that  would have panned out but it didn't. I really wish Kenneth Branagh would have come back to do it. 

Marvel and Disney is expected to make an announcement soon. What are your thoughts on the possibility of Jenkins directing the sequel to Thor?


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