Ridley Scott's New BLADE RUNNER Film to be written by Scott Burns?

Last month most of us were excitedly shocked to find out that Ridley Scott was going to direct another Blade Runner film. This is something I never thought would happen, but I never thought I'd see Scott return to making another Alien film either, yet here he is makeing Prometheus

Today it's being reported that the film is close to landing a screenwriter, and that writers named is Scott Burns, who's written films such as The Bourne Ultimatum and the recently released film Contagion. He is at the top of the list to take on this new Blade Runner sci-fi adventure. Apparently Scott, his producers at Alcon and the executives at Warner Brothers are currently in active talks to make it happen. 

As we previously reported, there's no word on if the new Blade Runner film will be a sequel or prequel to the original 1982 film, which was loosely based on the Philip K. Dick novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? The other thing that isn't certain is if Harrison Ford will be back to reprise his role as Richard Deckard, which most likely will not happen. All of our questions will be answered in time, but as of right now I can just be excited that Scott is actually going to make another Blade Runner movie.

Burns is a decent choice to take on this property, he's a smart and talented writer that shows he can deliver solid entertaining and intelligent films. What do you think?

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