Brittany Snow joins the Musical Comedy PITCH PERFECT

MovieCastingby Joey Paur

I've been wondering what American Dreams actress Brittany Snow has been up to lately. She's made a few little films over the years, but nothing worth remembering, which is a shame because she seems like a talented actress. 

It was recently announced that Snow has joined director Jason Moores musical comedy Pitch Perfect, which is set in the competitive world of a cappella singing groups. Snow will join the previously cast Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson.

The film is based on a nonfiction book written by GQ's Mickey Rapkin, and the story follows "an all-girls college a cappella group trying to rebuild with a shaky rookie in the lead so they can take on the all-guys championship team. Snow will play Chloe, a somewhat rigid personality who finds her spot in the group."

Filming is scheduled to begin mid-October in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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