Duff Beer Now Available in 24-can packs!

The Simpsons by Jim Napier

I am surprised that it's taken this long to see Duff Beer become a reality. The Simpsons has been on the air since 1989 and Duff has been almost like another character on the hit show. There is already a Duff Energy Drink, and now you can get Duff Beer in a 24 Can Pack.

Here is a description of the product:

‘Homer no function well beer without.’ And neither do we. Especially when we’re indulging in one of our all-day Simpsons-watching marathons. So thank goodness we’ve got our mitts on the Duff Beer 24 Can Pack. Woo-hoo!

Based on Homer’s beloved brew, this 24 can slab is ideal for superfans, slobs and careless nuclear safety inspectors. Okay, so it’s not brewed in Springfield (believe it or not it’s German) but that’s just as well because we all know German lager trumps American beer every time.

Pre-order your Duff Beer 24-can pack from Firebox for £24.99 ($39.)  If beer in a can is not your speed you can pick up Duff in bottles.

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