Mr. Oswalt Goes to DC: Patton Oswalt's Opinion of the New 52

"It's not positive by the way."

Patton Oswalt is not a fan of DC's new 52...or their Nielsen surveys as his Twitter suggests. Quoting his Twitter Oswalt seemed a little peeved that he was approached at famous comic store Meltdown when he tweeted...

"Don't go to @MeltdownComics today unless you like getting buttonholed into douch-ey, stultifying 'New 52' surveys."

Fair enough...I don't like to be bugged when I'm in the comics shop, mostly because the dude who hangs out there all day is really attention starved and always pressuring me to get into Magic: The Gathering...and I'm like dude, don't you have a forum to be on...but I digress.

In perhaps an even bolder and controversial tweet (GASP! Someone having an opinion on Twitter?!) Patton voiced a pretty strong statement about DC's new 52 relaunch

"I also bought my last DC comics, EVER, today." Blastr so astutely pointed out...Oswalt has more followers than the average readership of a DC Comic...what Blastr didn't point out and what Geektyrant (big ups w00t w00t) is going to point out is that Oswalt had two story ideas pitched to DC earlier this year only to be turned take that as you will.

So is the comedian just an angry geek or scorned artist? Whatever the case, looks like he's hunkering down with a lot of Marvel and Dark Horse in the future.

If you wanna voice your opinion on THE NEW 52 you can click on this link and take the survey.

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