1860 Photo of John Travolta... Time Traveler

Remember the 1870 Civil War photo of a guy that looked exactly like Nicholas Cage, with the jokingly claim that the actor is in reality a vampire? The price was set at $1 million dollars. Shortly after the image hit the internet the auction was nowhere to be found on ebay. Not sure why, but I'd like to think Cage paid off the guy so no one could find out the truth.

Today a new photo has hit e-bay, this time it features an old vintage 1860's image of a guy that looks like John Travolta. This e-bay auction claims that Travolta is a time traveler, and has set the price a $250,000 bucks. 

Here's the full description of the photo and the "history" behind it. This stuff is just too funny.

I've had this interesting photograph for years and i've been unable to part with it. When you look at it and into the eyes of the sitter you will see what I mean!

I believe this is the photograph of a very young John Travolta taken around 1860 and I mean ..in the year 1860. This is a ruby glass ambrotype photograph and it is one of a kind. It hasn't been changed, tampered with or altered in anyway. It is clear and is as nice as the day it was taken roughly 151 years ago. I know..you are saying..John Travolta is alive today in 2011 and he doesn't look 151 years old.

For those of you who don't know, John Travolta is a Scientologist and many Scientologists can Time travel. The belief is that time travel is possible and may have even happened before to them in the past. Some events may not be remembered by the person. Complicated. Of course I am unsure whether he knows if he traveled backwards in time (gosh..i hope this isn't a suprise to him!) Regardless if he knows, when he travelled back in 1880 he was very young. I would have to guess around 18-20 years old. Look at the features..the chin, the jaw, the cheeks..the eyes.. it's amazing. Unfortunately the youngest photos available to the public for comparison are about 5-8 year older than he is in this photo.

The photograph is a 1\6th plate ambrotype that is housed in a full case. The repaired case has again come apart and could use some tape.

Do you want something that is ONE OF A KIND? Something that is unusual? Most likely 'Out of this World? Possibly touched in spirit by the Supreme Being. 

This listing contains my opinion of the photo for sale. Please use the photos available for your conclusion before purchase. Please contact me with any questions or request for additional photographs.

I am a long time collector of old photographs. Usually I collect post mortem (after death) photographs of children and adults. I have over a hundred ambrotype, daguerrotype and tintype photographs in my collection besides this interesting photograph