Disney Developing Time Travel Adventure Film with Green Lantern Screenwriter

Green Lantern screenwriter Marc Guggenheim has been hired to write a new time travel sci-fi fantasy adventure for Disney called Time Zones. The concept for this film is very unique and it sounds like it will make for an awesome film. Here's how the project is described by THR,

Think of Zones as a race against time merged with a race in time concept (wrap your head around that!). The story is set after an event that causes the world to spontaneously develop “time zones,” described as fractures in space-time which replace various segments of the world with identical geography from the past and future; so it might be 1750 in France, 300 B.C. in China and 2065 in New York.

In this scenario, one man realizes that because time travel is now a matter of geography, he has the chance to change the past and save the life of his wife, but must team up with his estranged daughter to do so.

Holy shit that sounds so cool! I freakin' love this idea! There are a lot of details and complications, there also a lot of room for plot holes and stuff that doesn't make any sense. But if done right this could be mind blowing. This film need an extremely talented and smart screenwriter and director to bring it to life, and to be honest I don't that Guggenhein is the right choice to write it. The guy wrote both X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Green Lantern, both these movies had very poorly written screenplays. This films concept just seems way beyond this guys writing capabilities. 

That being said, I wish him the best and hope he can effectively pull off a great script. What are your thoughts on this?