Possible TWILIGHT ZONE Directors Include - Christopher Nolan, Michael Bay & Alfonso Cuaron

Warner Bros. is ready to take movies into another Dimension with another big screen adaptation of the classic and incredible Rod Sterling TV series The Twilight Zone. The studio is currently looking at four high profile directors to take on the project, and those directors include Christopher Nolan, Michael Bay and Alfonso Cuaron, and possibly David Yates. If none of these names work out Variety lists Rise of the Planet of the Apes director Rupert Wyatt as a possible diretor for the film.

Unlike the 1983 film version of The Twilight Zone that had four different story directed by four different directors, this new film will have one single storyline, and one director. There aren't many plot details for the adaptation but "sources say the film would be a single storyline that touches on several themes from the Rod Sterling TV show that ran from 1959-1964."

According to inside sources Nolan is the front-runner for the project and will most likely get an offer, who know if he will take it though. He has a close relationship with Warner Bros., but he may want to make another original film project after he's done with The Dark Knight Rises. However, if he did take on The Twilight Zone... HELL YEAH! Out of all the other directors up for the job he's the most talented and the one that could bring something incredibly special and epic to the that universe. I hope he takes it!

I just don't see this being a film that would fit Bay's style, and I'm not even sure why the studio is considering him, unless they are going the crazy insane explosive action route. This would be the first time he would work with Warner Bros. "Sources add that Bay and his team are high on the script, but one possible obstacle is his desire to get started on passion project Pain and Gain, a black comedy set in the world of competitive bodybuilding." Just let Bay do that and leave the Zone to someone else.

As for Cuaron, he has the "most favorable schedule." He's in the process of wrapping up production on his sci-fi space adventure Gravity. He also has no upcoming projects that he's committed to. I would prefer Cuaron over Bay as well. He also directed Children of Men, which was a great movie.

Leonardo DiCaprio is producing The Twilight Zone through his Appian Way shingle, from a script written by Jason Rothenberg. 

What do you think about this Twilight Zone film project, and which of these directors would you like to see take it on?

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