Domino's Japan Unveils Project to Serve Pizza on the Moon!

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"You Got 30 Minutes."

Spoiler alert: The only thing about this article that won't surprise you is that the Japanese are involved.

Serving pizza on the moon, a goal the Italians have long dreamed of, and one Domino's Japan, hopes to achieve. Or so they say as "Scott" the CEO of Domino's from Japan (who looks a lot like the American CEO) says in the video below. The project is estimated to cost around 1 trillion dollars, which is almost as much as it costs for NASA to botch a satellite into I say go for it, who knows? They may even develop that sweet ass space cycle pictured on the bottom right. Check out the full announcement video below and visit the website to get creeped out...if that doesn't do that for ya check out the other video of a Domino's promotional event...

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