Star Wars SURFING TROOPER - Photo Journey Across the Globe

Star Wars and Surfing are two things in this world that I enjoy immensely, so I find it incredibly awesome that someone has taken these two great things and combined them together forming Surfing Trooper

GT reader Rebecca sent me a link to a blog she and her boyfriend have put up chronicling a Surfing Trooper world tour that they have been on. This would be so awesome! I've always wanted to travel the world and surf, but I would have never thought of doing it as a Stormtrooper. Here's a brief explanation of the Surfing Trooper from the e-mail that she sent...

I am a creative and a star wars geek traveling the globe with my boyfriend right now. We've been in Indonesia, australia, new zealand, fiji and california and right now in South America.

To document our journey we created the "Surfing Trooper" - a Stormtrooper who is enjoying his trip around the globe away from the empire armed with a surfboard.

I have included promo art for their journey as well as several fantastic and fun photos they have taken on their incredible adventure. Check out the images below and tell us what you think!

The Surfing Trooper is taking a vacation from the Empire to surf around our world. Last he was seen in the waves of Ecuador but what will be his next destination? Have you seen him?

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