Gillian Anderson hopes X-FILES 3 will come out Next Year!

Movie2012by Joey Paur

I would love to see a third new X-Files film hit theaters that takes Fox Mulder and Dana Scully on another great adventure. I didn't really care for the last X-Files movie, but I still love the franchise and the characters, and I have no problem with seeing the story of these two characters continue. It looks like that we actually might get to see that third X-Files film next year. 

This really doesn't surprise me, it was revealed late last year by David Duchovny that a script for the film was already being written. Now today we find out that Gillian Anderson hopes that the film will be released next year! Kylie Speer, presenter on the Australian breakfast show Sunrise, tweeted the following,

Just interviewed Gillian Anderson...she is super stunning in real life and said she hopes a new #X-Files 2012 movie will be out next year!

I imagine if it does come out in 2012 it wouldn't happen until the end of the year, since they have to actually start shooting the film. Being a huge fan of the series, I'm pretty excited about this happening! 

What do you think? Woould you like to see a new X-Files film?