THE AVENGERS - Set photos of Stan Lee with Chris Evans - Cameo Info

Stan Lee will continue his Marvel movie cameo career in Joss Whedon's The Avengers. but there's no solid worl Some set photos have hit the net showing off the legendary comic book creator sitting down near Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) while shooting his scene in the movie.

Spoilers Ahead.... According to Worst Previews here's what they believe his new cameo will involve,

The scene features Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) sitting at a coffee shop with Lee sitting at a nearby table. Rogers is then joined by an older man, who some believe is a fellow-soldier from WWII.

My Theory is Lee and the other old man are going to be sitting at the same table talking back and foruth about World War II and possibly reminising about the good ol' war days when they fought along side Captain America, and debating on if that is actually him sitting next to the table next to them. After all, he's got to have a bigger cameo instead of of just an old man lingering in the background. What do you think?

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