Insane Zombie Attack from the set of WORLD WAR Z

Some frighteningly insane zombie attack footage has surfaced from the set of Marc Forster's zombie film World War Z. The film, which was inspired by the Max Brooks novel, stars Brad Pitt as a UN researcher who is gathering stories of the great zombie war. The film chronicles a worldwide zombie outbreak through the first-hand accounts of survivors.

The footage below shows a zombie attack a man in his car, he gets bit and the video shows off how brutal the the zombie change is, it really is kind of terrifying. Zombies in this film are fast, and the change from human to zombie is pretty damn fast and violent as well.  Check out the video below and tell us what you think!

Here's a note from the source:

A friend of ours was lucky enough to bag himself a gig as an extra on the set of Brad Pitt’s new filmWorld War Z, based on the best selling book by Max Brooks, while it was being shot in Glasgow. He also advised us to ignore all the fanboy chatter over the alleged plot changes from the book, he assured us that from the scenes he took part in and watched this movie will definitely be worth the wait. [HMSFriday]